Why Lutz & Company, Inc.

Lutz & Company, has been an industry leader providing accurate, timely reporting and transcription to federal and state courts as well as private attorneys, municipalities and governmental agencies for more than 18 years. Lutz & Company, Inc., was among the first E-Reporting companies to embrace digital reporting.
Lutz & Company now takes this knowledge and shares the E-Reporting and Transcribing skills with reporters and transcribers around the nation.
Mary Ann Lutz is uniquely knowledgeable in the skills of reporting and transcribing. Her background as a human resources manager and training manager enhances her skills in training.

Mary Ann is also an authorized reseller of ForTheRecord© products and uses this knowledge of technology to convey the future of E-Reporting.

What's So Great About E-Reporting?

E-Reporting is court reporting utilizing audio recording and digital devices with cassette tapes and/or digital CD's as a means of registering the proceeding. It has been used successfully in the federal court system for more than thirty-five years. The system consists of two elements; the first is the E-Reporter monitoring the recording equipment and the second is the recording equipment itself. Because the proceeding is recorded, there is no interpretation or selective editing issue. E-Reporting is the only form of court reporting that is 100% verifiable.

Features Include : Live Electronic Reporters monitoring the reporting and making annotation notes. Speaker Isolation is obtained by recording each person on different channels. Analog Tape Overlap so there is no interruption during the proceeding. Digital Recordings are achievable to computer hard drives, CDs, DVD, Memory Sticks, and other media. Instantaneous playbacks. Speaker overlaps, which do not impede accurate transcription. Recording of translators and interpreters as well as English portion for accuracy. Verbatim Transcription that can be compared to the audio recording for 100% verifiability.

Lutz & Company Seminars:

Lutz and Company, Inc. offers the only Certification Seminar designed to prepare attendees for the AAERT Certification Tests that concludes with an Official AAERT Certification Test.

Each seminar is interactive and gives the attendees plenty of time to ask questions to prepare for the Certification Tests. All seminars cover both the reporting and transcription portions of the test to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of each reporter and transcriber. The reporter and transcriber are two people whom together produce on product. It is imperative that each understands the other’s role in the industry.

Lutz and Company also tailors their Reporter 101 Training Seminars to an individual court or company focusing on the recording equipment utilized and the guidelines for transcript preparation.

To find out more about Lutz & Company’s tailor-made seminars contact Mary Ann Lutz.